Why have you chosen to print through linocut?

There is joy in creating something from nothing.  The process of linocut is extremely tactile.  Designs are hand drawn through multiple sketches, then traced to transfer onto the linoleum.  After that carving tools are used to remove areas of the design that should not be printed.  Prints are made by rolling ink onto the surface and pressing paper on top.  Even the paper is hand torn to size from large sheets.  After all of the time and effort spent, it is exciting to pull the paper back and finally see the resulting image.

What materials do you use?

Blocks - I use a couple of different blocks for carving.  Jack Richeson Easy to Cut and Blick Blue Easy to Cut are the same product, just different colors.  They are easier to carve than traditional linoleum, but still hold the sharp lines and fine detail.

Carving Tools - Pfeil carving tools come highly recommended, and I use several different sizes.

Ink - The richness achieved with oil-based ink is important to me.  I currently use Speedball Block Printing Ink.

Paper - My prints are made with 100% cotton archival paper.

Do you offer commissions or wholesale?

At this time, I am not accepting commissions.  If you have a particular subject matter you would like to see in my shop, feel free to contact me!  I am definitely willing to take suggestions for upcoming designs. 

If you are a wholesaler, please also contact me to inform me of your interest. We are currently preparing a catalog.