Amanda Black is the owner and artist behind Black Loon Studio.  She runs the print studio out of her home near St. Paul, Minnesota.  The linocut prints, depicting playful and clear-cut scenes are influenced by landscapes of her home state as well as experiences from her travels.  Amanda graduated with a BFA in studio art with an emphasis on photography.  She takes advantage of her photographs to inspire print designs.  Prints offered by Black Loon Studio are handmade from start to finish.  It is the tactile nature of printmaking that initially drew Amanda to the art form.  This also continues to motivate her creativity by pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Together with her husband, Amanda is raising two energetic and inquisitive children.  She enjoys hiking during the summer months.  Taking advantage of the many state parks in Minnesota as well as exploring trails around her home.  Amanda takes this time to enjoy the escape & peace that nature provides.  This escape from reality is a common theme among the prints offered by Black Loon Studio.  Imagine yourself in these landscapes, surrounded by the sounds of the outdoors.